Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why is my default timezone Monrovia, Reykjavik?

I recently sent a friend an email from work and he pointed out my email timezone is set to Monrovia, Reykjavik and that I should refer to

Here is my response...

Oh, I gave up running Outlook and I'm accessing email via the Office365 interface.

Outlook had (has) some nasty bug where it takes a UI lock in a thread and then posts blocking web calls from the same thread. When the blocking calls actually take a bit of time (because the company isn't good at running data centers?) my dev machine would lose the ability to CHANGE WINDOW FOCUS or otherwise process windows messages.

I tried debugging this issue and after attaching windbg to Outlook.exe and discovering ~150 CLR threads I decided this effort was hopeless. I'm still unclear why they use the UI thread to post blocking web calls in an environment where they already have 149 OTHER threads they could use for this. Thus, I decided to use the site instead for corporate email.

HOWEVER, more comedy ensued since MSFT apparently isn't very good with cookie management and continually tried to use my tokens to access my corporate email -- the concept that I'd want to be logged in as and at the SAME TIME to different Microsoft website properties is completely alien.

Thus I've settled on my current solution, a shortcut: "iexplore.exe -private"

This works very well since it ignores any persistent cookies on the system via InPrivate mode. However, I guess persistent settings like my actual timezone cannot be accounted for and I'm not even prompted for them (some UX designer probably focus grouped this and convinced themselves it was the optimal solution to just use the null timezone setting).

I thought about using Chrome exclusively for my needs but alas, Google seems to think the key to a successful browser is launching FIVE Chrome.exe processes utilizing ~75MB OF MEMORY to provide access to their useless "Hang Outs" feature. Which I hear now supports (THANKFULLY, the world was empty without this feature) Mustaches and Hats so I guess 75MB of RAM is a small price to pay for MUSTACHES AND HATS in a failing social media landing point that replaced the highly effective and useful googletalk.

Gone are the days of a trim gtalk.exe client and Outlook.exe (not .com) just working (for various levels of "working" exceedingly greater than the current implementation). I realize I'm becoming a crusty fossil in the industry; (already?!) clinging to concepts like trim code, easy to understand and debug projects, and my generate-the-object-code-I-intend C coding methodology...