Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'd rather...

While chatting with a coworker about C vs. C++ he pointed out I can read a helpful whitepaper to help code C++ in a manner which makes it "sane." My definition of "sane" when applied to a programming language is that no hidden and/or unexpected behavior occurs from a statement. Most of my day-to-day work involves kernel mode coding. In this case I want the most "sane" behavior possible. Unfortunately, now that I'm used to logical things occurring as a result of my coding I even prefer C to C++ for user mode or other utility coding.

For example:
This should not throw an out of memory exception. Before opening the whitepaper I wrote:

I'd rather fashion a knife out of a salt block with an open wound and then stab myself repeatedly in the eye until brain matter leaks out than read up on how C++ can finally be made sane if we only follow these 40 simple rules.

Well the jokes on me because when I finally opened the whitepaper it was 72 pages long.

Also, I'm in pretty good company: